Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Four shows in Armsterdam. One more magical than the other.
Only the second time on this tour and only the second time in 25 years… 'Two Hearts beat As One' was in first  show.
In the second show, Gloria got only its second performance in Europe in a quarter century,- and it sounded like it was made yesterday.And then there were seven songs which were celebrating their first anniversary  - all of them from Songs of Innocence, released a year ago. None was more powerful than Iris.
Third of four in Amsterdam, so many shows within the show.

'Got lost in the cold universe surrounding ‘Iris’ - maybe the song I had wanted to witness live, most. It being the first use of the giant screen (so hard to describe the screen... to do it justice), old cine images mixed with the latest tech-created fabulous-yet-tenderly used LED’s, the next show within a show begins. You may have seen it a hundred times on Youtube. Nothing will stop your jaw from dropping when you see, in person, Bono walk down Cedarwood Road….'John Noble, who looks after the community site zootopia in U2.com.
And the moemnt came...Magnificent makes its #U2ieTour debut tonight, while ‘Sweetest Thing’, ‘Bad’ and ’40’ are in the show for the first time in Europe.
What a way to finish four great nights in Amsterdam.


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