Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

An amazing U2 year has come to an end. The hugest, most succesful rock tour reached most corners of the world and millions of people vibrate at the sound of the Irish rock legend. 
And now it´s time to rest and celebrate. In the personal sphere I am more than pleased to have been able to see the band that has rocked my world for more than 25 years live in three opportunities and I am proud to say that I joined other fellow ONErs in the local  campaign to make people aware of what this great NGO is capable of doing in the field of ending extreme poverty and fighting against AIDs globally . You know, "together as ONE we can make the difference". 
Waiting for the New Year´s Day listening to U2 has become a ritual, at least my personal one, and surely my choice is (what else?) New Year´s Day , this time I have chosen the version they played at Estadio Unico, La Plata (my hometown), Argentina, on April 2nd (thanks to YouTube user terrosittich).I still recall the goosebumps, the adrenaline rush, the emotion when I heard those first bass riffs and my inner wish coming true, I had dreamed of listening to that song live for years...
Thanks for reading this blog, it´s been a pleasure to see that I share my passion for U2 with thousands of yous... This blog started as a hobby,  two friends united by a common passion (even when they both live in opposite corners of the world) a desire to communicate what the band of our lives was doing and  celebrate what they embody (at least for us): love, friendship, commitment, wish for something better, and above dreaming out loud!!!

Happy New Year!!! May 2012 bring us a new U2 album and  whatever our fave band choose to share with us; but above all  (and more than ever) Peace and Love around the world...

Bono joins Colin Farrell's brother for double celebration party

Bono got into the festive spirit this week with a night on the town alongside Colin Farrell's brother.
After his exploits at the Leopardstown Races on St Stephen's Day, Bono continued partying in Dublin city centre.
The singer joined forces with Eamon Farrell who was celebrating his 43rd birthday at Lillie's Bordello.
Last year, Hollywood A-lister Colin was the designated driver, but there was no sign of the actor this time around.
"Bono showed up a few hours into the party and stayed there until the early hours of the morning. He is friends with the Farrells, he knows Colin really well and has met Eamon a couple of times. He was chatting away to Eamon all night and was happy to socialise with everyone there.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Love Rescue Me

Amazing story written by Joshua Brown in The Faster Times.
The Omagh Community Youth Choir 

"I’m going to tell you an amazing story today.  It’s a story about art and collaboration, a story about youth and innocence, influence and homage.  It spans decades and takes place around the world.
But most of all, it’s a story about love…
"Love Rescue Me" is the eleventh track from U2's 1988 album, Rattle and Hum. Sung by The Omagh Community Youth Choir (formed in October 1998 in the wake of the Omagh Bomb atrocity of August 15th 1998, Ireland) for a journey named Playing For Change, a multimedia movement to inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music.
This story written by Joshua Brown puts together a teenage boy´s (named Paul Hewson) dreams, Bob Dylan´s songs, and   "the idea that rock and roll can, in fact, change the world"  with the power of songs to redeem pain...
Read the whole story here

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Day at the Races

Christmas brings out the best in people as their generosity and love flows to those around them.
Take Bono for instance, who, days after busking in the streets for charity, decided to treat the Irish press to some Boxing Day fizz.The U2 front man was visiting the Leopardstown race course in Dublin with wife Ali Hewson andtheir daughters Jordan and Eve.

While Ali held a tray of glasses, Bono topped them up with some champagne which they then handed out to the waiting photographers

Cheers! The tray now empty, Bono clutched his own glass as he chatted to the photographers

Monday, December 26, 2011

Vintage Christmas

An article about old times Christmases in Ireland (Rolling back the Christmases) reminds us of U2´s first time in England , "hoping to crack London".

"...Just before Christmas in 1979, a young Dublin band billed as The U2s arrived in England.

They were hoping to crack London.

"I want to replace the bands in the charts now, because I think we're better'' said the precocious lead singer, known as Bono Vox. (It had to be Bono!!!)

However, only nine paying punters turned up in Islington to watch them..."

To round the memories off, a rare video  of U2 playing John Lennon Cover
 "So this is Christmas"on a TV Show.(probably mid-80´s, after the release of The Joshua Tree)

Bono and Enda: whiskey and waffle

WHEN Bono met Enda (Kenny, Head of the Irish government) the rock star presented the Taoiseach (Prime Minister) with a bottle of Mayo whiskey as the advisers were sent away and the pair discussed affairs of state.

The duo had a two-hour private meeting in the Taoiseach's office last Wednesday during which the U2 singer's offer to act as an ambassador for Ireland was discussed, the Sunday Independent can reveal.
Bono presented the bottle of whiskey, believed to be the niche Inish Turk Beg, to the Taoiseach as a Christmas gift.
A Government spokesman last night confirmed that the meeting had been tentatively agreed at the Global Irish Economic Forum at Dublin Castle in October. At the forum, Bono said he was willing to "hit the road again", not on a U2 world tour, but to resurrect the reputation of Ireland abroad.

The U2 singer told delegates at the forum that he was willing to work for the country in whatever role was asked of him.
Last night the Taoiseach's spokesman said a "wide range of issues" were discussed by the two men during what turned out to be an extended meeting. Mr Kenny asked all staff to vacate the room while he and Bono discussed national and international events.
The meeting, which took place ahead of the U2 Christmas party in Dublin, is the first known occasion in recent years that Bono has had a one-to-one meeting with a Taoiseach. In the late Eighties, the rock star, who is from Glasnevin in Dublin, established a close relationship with the late Fine Gael leader Garret FitzGerald. Bono was also a member of Young Fine Gael in that decade.

Bono: Busking in Grafton Street (Revisited)

As he did last year, on Christmas Eve Bono and a group of friends ( Oscar-winning musician Glen Hansard ,Mundy, Declan O'Rourke and Hothouse Flowers rocker Liam O'Maonlai) went busking in Grafton Street for two local charities: Simon Community   and the Peter McVerry Trust.
Although the group started off in Grafton Street, they were soon moved to the entrance of St Stephen's Green Park due to safety concerns.

The group with cooperation of fans and passers-by sang three songs: "Silent Night," "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)", and Mic Christopher's song, "Heyday".

Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Christmas!!

Christmas bells are ringing and it´s time to celebrate!!! 

May all our wishes come true!!!
And to accompany the feelings of the holiday, what better than listening to a U2 song??? For the occasion...Angel of Harlem...
Happy Christmas All!!

Christmas Celebration

U2 painted their hometown red last night as they threw a Christmas party for staff of the band's management company.Talented comedy rap duo The Rubberbandits and Bono's pal Gavin Friday were among those present at the Principal Management festive get-together. Gavin's dogs Ralph and Stan arrived to the affair wearing Santa hats. The event was hosted at Harry's Cafe Bar on Dublin's Hanover Quay.
The band seemed to be in good spirits as they posed for pictures.Meanwhile, new figures have revealed that the aging Irish rock stars had the highest-earning tour of the year.The band's 360° shows saw them play 44 dates to almost three million people, taking more than €216m at the box office.

Edge´s Christmas greetings:

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bono on TIME´s Best Portraits of 2011

TIME’s photo department  select  their favorite portraits of the year; among them is this portrait of Bono which appeared on Q & A (12th December issue).

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Season Greetings from ONE

Join the fight against extreme poverty

A bit of here, there and everywhere...

The awesome U2 year is coming to an end. We are used to the guys appearing here, there and everywhere for this season. Here goes two covers :

Bono and Edge on the cover of French magazine "Rock First".

Bono on the cover of the Spanish version of the book "1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die" which includes War, Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby, All That You Can’t Leave Behind

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Bono made a surprise appearance last night to sing a couple songs with Irish singer Imelda May during her concert at the O2 (formerly Point Depot) in Dublin. They sang U2's "Desire" and then did a cover of "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)," the Darlene Love song that U2 also covered in 1987 on the first A Very Special Christmas  charity album.

You might recognise this one...' said Imelda May, as her band struck up the opening chords of  'Desire', towards the end of her sell-out show in Dublin tonight. At which point Bono walked on stage to join her at the mic and the audience at the O2 went ballistic.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Bono For New York Times Co. CEO?

Yesterday afternoon, New York Times Co. CEO Janet Robinson abruptly announced her resignation. She may have been pushed out, though she got a nice fat "consulting" paycheck to cushion her fall. The important question now: who takes over?

Bono takes over.

Let's be clear about what's really needed in this job. The next CEO of the New York Times Co. will have the vague and weighty-sounding responsibility of "guiding the company into the digital age" and "navigating the transition of a legacy newspaper company into a multiplatform digital media company" and things like that. What it means is that the CEO must generally figure out how the NYT Co. can survive the next decade or so without collapsing into rubble. Janet Robinson was not a horrible CEO, but there's little question that someone better is out there.

It's a rough time for anyone to be in the newspaper business.(...)The actual nuts-and-bolts job of transitioning the NYT Co. into the "digital era" can be handled by any number of bright, lower-level functionaries. Plenty of those around. Here is what the NYT Co. actually needs in a CEO:

1. A big name. Someone who will help keep the company itself relevant and in the news.
2. Someone who is well-connected to the rich and politically powerful.
3. Someone with an actual personal interest and belief in good journalism for good journalism's sake.
4. Someone who has no personal need to plunder this financially stretched company for millions to line their own pockets.

Allow us to introduce you to Bono. Already writes for the New York Times! Sure, he's a little bit of a self-centered guy, but who isn't? He has quite a few things going for him: he's a real, from the heart, do-gooder. He believes in the mission of the NYT (above and beyond its financial performance), and would be well-motivated to do anything to keep the company healthy. He's as well-connected in moneyed and political circles as anyone this side of Bill Clinton, without being a political veteran himself, which brings lots of bullshit baggage to a media company. He could work for a dollar a year, no problem. The validation conferred upon Bono's own self-importance by such a job would be its own reward

The New York Times Co. needs a figurehead. It needs a symbolic leader more inspiring than Pinch Sulzberger. The process of saving this company from irreversible decline could very well soon involve summoning up the good will of the public, the political establishment, and the financial titans of this world—the good will of the New York Times readership. The NYT Co. must sell itself as a public good. The newspaper business is bad. The business of being the most honest, meticulous, and civically-minded purveyor of journalism left in America is good. Frankly, the NYT Co. needs attention, at this point. Bono could use a real job. He can keep his hobbies. Everyone wins.

For all those little "operational" issues, hire a freaking deputy. Poll the staff. Whatever. Shit. Think big, New York Times! Bono already does.

Read the complete article:

“The Beginning of the End of AIDS.”

Pictures of Bono, Alicia Keys and other celebrities and world´s leaders at World AIDS Day 2011 Event (RED Facebook album)
Designed to eliminate AIDS -Join RED!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

U2 to support musical youth

ROCK giants U2 and the Music Generation scheme will invest €1.7 million to help children and young people in Cork city, Laois and Wicklow get access to vocal and instrumental tuition in their local area.
U2 guitarist The Edge said: "Access to music for children and young people is something that is very close to our hearts. We believe that every child should have the choice to get involved in music, irrespective of their background.

"Music Generation is addressing the gap in individual and group vocal and instrumental music tuition in our education system and we are delighted to be playing a part in nurturing and inspiring Ireland’s young musicians of the future."

Music Generation was launched in 2009 after a €5m donation from U2 along, with another €2m raised by The Ireland Funds.

The donation was the largest-ever single philanthropic gift to music education in Ireland in the history of the state.

The programme, which last year ran in Louth, Mayo and Sligo, is expected to create substantial job opportunities for local musicians over the next five years.

Chairman of Music Generation Dr Tony Ó Dalaigh said: "Music Generation would not be happening without the contributions made by U2 and The Ireland Funds.

"In practical terms it means that Music Generation can provide access to music education which is currently unavailable to the majority of children, as well as employment for musicians in their locality," he added.
By Colin O’Hanlon

Emotional performance of "Love is Blindness" by Edge taken from From The Sky Down, a documentary film about the making of U2's Achtung Baby, will be released worldwide on Blu-ray and DVD on Monday 12th December, 2011, and in the U.S. on 24th January 2012.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Exclusive Huckabee Interview: Bono

Great interview by Huckabee , Fox News

You tube user: BonoVoxRF

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Entrevista a Bono Parte 1

U2 Wishing Metallica Happy 30th Anniversary

U2 Wished Metallica Happy 30th Anniversary at the Fillmore in San Francisco.

You Tube user:  

Bono & Sting Remember "Do They Know It´s Christmas"

The American  show Glee has shown a Christmas episode and this time the programme has chosen the famous song  "Do They Know It´s Christmas?" , originally sung in 1984   by Band Aid to raise money for relief of the 1983–1985 famine in Ethiopia. 
Bono and Sting  remembered the release of that song...