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Madness at U2´s First Concert


About 60 thousand  people were delirious in,  Estadio Unico La Plata in the first of the three concerts U2 will give in Argentina in their 360° tour. The band led by Bono opened the show with "Even Better Than The Real Thing", "I Will Follow" and "Get on your boots" in the innovative circular stage called "The Claw" a  kind of hybrid between a giant spider made by sculptor Louise Bourgeois and a  Transformer. 
The band, which will play on Saturday and Sunday in La Plata,  got on stage after the deluxe presentation of the supporting band ,Muse.
A perfect  play between lights and movable screens  highlighted the magnitude of U2´s performance which continued with  "Until the End of the World" and  "Still Haven´t Found What I'm Looking For", with a chorus of the whole audience.
the efforts the Irish made to address the audience and the audience´ awe generated by The Claw, softened the sound defects that at the beginning  of the performance rebounded in the stadium.
Bono was greatly applauded when he introduced "La Pulga/ The Flea"  Larry Mullen Jr, " the handsome Pipita" Clayton,   The Edge as the  Zanetti of the  band and himself as  "Carlitos Apache Bono", in honour of Carlos Tevez,  and he immediately produced a musical explosion with "Beautiful Day". 
a young girl was pulled up the stage to sing "In a little While" wrapped in Irish arms, and this was followed by a beautiful rendering of "Miss Sarajevo" in which Bono took a chance to become a tenor for a while in Pavarotti´s part. Later, the stadium became a disco with "Vertigo".
 "Sunday Bloody Sunday" was present, dedicated to the popular revolts that  shook the Arab countries  and there was a comment about the liberation by the military  of Aung Saan Suu Kyi Burma´s opponent while several Amnesty International activists walked the stage with candles in the form of lanterns.

Bono said he “felt at home” and thanked the beautiful night in La Plata “where the streets have no name either” the show reached the highest  peak of emotion when Bono mentioned Cerati before singing  the last song of the show, Moment of Surrender".
"¡Son lo más!" (you´re the best!) were Bono´s last words before leaving with the sound of thousands of people’s applause.

 The capital city of the province of Buenos Aires was moved by the presence of the Irish band. The hotels were overflowed and more than 300 families offered their homes for the U2 fans that came from all over the country and abroad.

A Magic Spider Landed on La Plata

Photo:Santiago Hafford

The magic car convoy that departed in procession this time to the Gothic cathedral that U2 built in La Plata populated kilometres of the highway that joined Buenos Aires to the city of diagonals (La Plata) and the trip (normally 50 or 60´long) took more than two hours. The congregation attended by thousands the technological rock mass since very early.
Apart from, of course, the die hard fans who had been camping outside the stadium for several days.

It was 5 years since the last time the Irish band played in Argentina, and the expectations of their new 360º tour was as big as t the superstructure that they brought to Estadio Unico _ a massive structurre with something of sophisticated cathedral where Bono would be the preacher and evangeliser of his pop religion.

The stadium surroundings were also moved by the presence of the Irish. A hoard of street vendors opened their “occasional shops”  with improvised barbecues to receive the visitors.

Almost an hour before the show started, the stadium capacity was covered in a 70%. Invariably the people who were arriving stayed several minutes watching and taking photos of the incredible spider-shaped structure as background (a souvenir that most of them upload immediately to any social network). However big the strucuture  looks, the centre of the stage is organic and in some way, and because of its location in the field, gives the idea of proximity, closeness, no matter where you are sitting.

Some minutes after 7pm, Muse, the support band, started their show with “Uprising” and later came, "Supermasive Blackhole", "Stockolm Syndrome", "United States of Eurasia", "Hysteria", "Starlight", "Plug in Baby" y "Knights of Cydonia". Matt Bellamy showed in this display of their albums Black Holes and Revelations and the latest The Resistance ,  their progressive rock , in moments almost from space, and were very well received by the audience.
When anxiety rose, the clock started to disappear in a huge screen that showed the passing of time and once dematerialised became an eye as Bowie’s song (Space Oddity) sounded.
When the eye opened, the centre showed how Bono, The Edge with his guitar hanging from his shoulder, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen walked to the stage and stepped on it where everybody was waiting for them to command this particular journey.
Some minutes after 9.30 pm, the show started with "Even Better Than The Real Thing", from Achtung Baby . After this, a very rocker slot appeared with "I Will Follow", "Magnificent", "Mysterious Ways", "Elevation", "Until the End of the World" and "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For".

But it’s not only the music that is moving , because some other things are going on, many more things. You have to be there to believe what seeing that spider  , that powerful claw, means; when that incredible machine moves _ as if it were alive_ and the ramps  that join the stage with the centre of the stage as a ring,  start to slide.
For minutes, only Bono and Mullen stay in the stage as The Edge walks over the bridge to the audience that is at the back of the band, and Clayton walks around the ring.
All that makes the audience feel closer to the band. Over their heads, there is a huge circular screen that reproduces and makes everything that is going on bigger. The singer knows how to use it: he goes close to the camera so his face is shown in superhuman dimensions or he makes everything possible so the audience is shown there.

“This far  away  place looks so close to Dublin,· said Bono and then to show his love, when he introduced the band he adds nicknames to every one of them, his was Carlitos Apache Bono ( a reference, of course, to Carlos Tevez)
Everybody sang very well know songs like  "I Still Haven't Found...", "Beautiful Day", "Sunday Bloody Sunday" or "Where The Streets Have No Name".  the structure still had more mutations as when the roof went down and became a huge screen in "City of Blinding Lights",  before an ending, typical of U2  with "With or Without You"  and  "Moment of Surrender".
 Gabriel Plaza 
Translation: msyterious ways 

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Even Better Than the Real Thing!!!

Give me one more chance, and you'll be satisfied.

Give me two more chances, you won't be denied.'

Opening night of three at Estadio Unico de La Plata in Buenos Aires  and a big surprise right at the top of the show as the return of Space Oddity gave way to the unmistakable opening bars of Even Better Than The Real Thing. A huge response from this capacity crowd for a song that hasn't been in the live set for almost a decade, and the Argentinian volume levels didn't drop all night.

'What time is it in the world… and where are we going?
Palermo… San Telmo…Canitas…Buenos Aires! '

Magnificent led into Mysterious Ways and before the return of the new and unreleased North Star we had a stadium-wide rendition of Happy Birthday led by Edge to Chanty, a good friend who's in town. Felt like there was a big Irish community in the house tonight. 'Still Haven't Found' included a shout out to a special guest:'John Cusack in the house tonight...'

Bono wondered aloud why this place 'so far from where we live feels so much like home', before introducing his 'team-mates' with a suitably sporting theme for this soccer-crazy nation: 'The youngest member of U2, with the feet of a dancer and a truly great dribbler... Larry Mullen Jnr on drums'; also on stage tonight, 'the handsome, El Pipita of U2 on bass guitar'  and 'the omnipresent... Pupi Zanetti of our  band, The Edge.'  As for the singer? 'Not so sure but If I could be him I'd be Carlos Apache...'

Great vibes all round tonight, both celebratory and serious: felt like the entire stadium was clapping in unison during a moving instrumental version of Mothers of the Disappeared, and Bono recited the names of the 'madres'. There was a special tribute to fans who have been waiting outside, camping for days, ahead of this show.

'What a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful night, we will not forget this, what a great country you have, what a great city, out in La Plata, where the streets really don't have names. This Grand Madness, this Space Station, let's take out your phones and make it disappear...'

And there was one other notable tribute before the close: 'Think about Gustavo Cerati... we send love, love, love and respect and he will hear your voices tonight.' As Alexis in Buenos Aires added on Twitter: 'Bono just sent a big kiss and hug to Gustavo Cerati, a huge Argentinian musician, that is in coma for almost an year, great moment for Argentinian fans...'

  1. Even Better Than The Real Thing
  2. I Will Follow
  3. Get On Your Boots
  4. Magnificent
  5. Mysterious Ways
  6. Elevation
  7. Until The End Of The World / Anthem (snippet)
  8. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For / Three Little Birds (snippet)
  9. Happy Birthday
  10. North Star
  11. Beautiful Day / Blackbird (snippet)
  12. In A Little While
  13. Miss Sarajevo
  14. City Of Blinding Lights
  15. Vertigo
  16. Crazy Tonight / Two Tribes (snippet) / Relax (snippet)
  17. Sunday Bloody Sunday
  18. Scarlet
  19. Walk On / You'll Never Walk Alone (snippet)

  1. One
  2. Mothers Of The Disappeared (snippet) / Where The Streets Have No Name
  3. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
  4. With Or Without You
  5. Moment of Surrender
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Meeting The Press in Buenos Aires, Argentina has posted this video of the band`s meeting with Argentine press.

Bono and Edge: Two to Tango

The band had a very active weekend that included going to famous “parrilla” restaurants for the more famous “asado” and  national red wine ; super chic pubs and disco.

On Sunday, Bono and Edge with their wives, Ali and Morliegh, enjoyed Rojo Tango, a show in the Faena Hotel.
Bono watched the show closely ad from time to time he toll pictures, especialy of one of the shows called “Oblivion” where a couple got naked as a Piazzola tango (a violin solo piece) sounded as background. He was very surprised with the show which he compared with any international production, especially the costumes and  performance of Rojo Tango artists.
At the end of the show, the tango dancers helped Bono and Edge to make some tango steps. John Cusack, who is making a film in Argentina and was in the same hotel, burst out in laughter when he saw them and later he invited them to have some drinks at The Library Lounge.

More pics.

What did Bono and the Argentinian President Talk about?

The Argentinian President  Cristina Fernández de Kirchner met Bono yesterday in the Pink House (The Government House)  .Bono asked the leader to support ,in the next G-20 meeting, the fact that the companies and governments  publish their accounts so they can be well known all over the world.
Bono arrived at 7.30 pm with five people of his entourage and left the Governmet House after 8.30.
According to presidential spokesperson,Alfredo Scoccimarro, the singer and activist in defence of the developing countries  asked the President to propose three topics to be developed in the next G-20 meeting.
In the first place he considered that Argentina should support the development of technologies for the investigation, making and distribution of vaccines as he believes that if there is a worldwide vaccination system in ten years diseases like malaria will be a thing of the past.
Then Bono remarked the importance of sharing the know-how of agro-industrial technology with the rest of the world to increase food production and help in the fight against poverty and huger.
Finally he mentioned the need of asking in the G-20 meeting that "all the oil and mining companies" , and the President added "all companies" "communicate their accounts to the people so everybody knows how much they ear and how much tax they pay"

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bono Met Argentinian President Cristina F. de Kirchner

Argentinian President, Ms Cristina Fernández de Kirchner met Bono in her office at Casa Rosada (Pink House) some hours ago.
The meeting was said to be "private" and the Government spokesperson did not say what they talked about. Bono gave the President an i-Pod with  U2 songs. The President thanked him effusively. 
This is the second visit Bono makes to the Pink House. Five years ago, he met the ex-president (and Ms Kirchner´s husband) the late Nestor Kirchner.
Bono on his way to meet the Argentinian President

Having Lunch with U2

Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen burst out in laughter. Paul McGuinness, U2´s historical manager and the fifth band member, who at 60  is the most serious of the this gang of Irish rockers, laughed too. The band has been having lunch with a small group of  Argentinian reporters for an hour; it`s a kind of official and informal meeting with the local press in their third visit to the country and the anecdotes go from unconditional love  to football legend George Best to Pelé´s  most sensationalist phrases to Frank Sinatra’s class to the unequalled power of the XXI`s century comedians, from the need of making a show as big as 360º tour in these times and the responsibilities that a rock star has with his audience.
The sight is unsual.Then they become a bit more solemn and try to explain what they are doing still touring round the world for 35 years almost non-stop, they try to convince their interlocutors that their real commitment is with  human beings freedom here, there ,and everywhere and they anticipate that the Madres de Plaza de Mayo will be on stage with them again in the three concerts they will start tomorrow at Estadio Unico in La Plata.

 "We want you to see them as human beings," Frances, U2 New Zealander publicist joked. In that way she tried to explain the informal meeting, the first one of this kind the band has in South America and the third one in their world tour. "This is not a press conference, the idea is that you can chat with them about anything you want, with the four of them together_which is not very common_ and can understand the chemistry among them when they talk about an album or show in particular."

So there they are, the four members of U2, sitting at the table, ready to have lunch with us.
-Why did you choose to make such a megalomaniac show these days ? 
Bono: - Well, it was a long time ago, we were having lunch like today, chatting, and we took some forks and we started to build a structure in the air (he makes a claw with the fork). Being a rock star is dangerous because if you ask somebody to do  something for you,  even if it looks impossible, he does it...
Edge: - I think the answer to your question is that we’ve been planning it for a long time. When we think about a show like this, it’s not just a few days and then in six months you’re on the road.  When we started to plan it, the world was different. We are often asked about the ecological impact of building such a stage and we do have it into account. However people never ask the same question for other kind of events, like the Olympic Games or the World Cup. There are no talks of neutral carbon footprint in that kind of event. We feel that rock and roll is very responsible in that sense.
 -What does it feel like to play inside such a huge structure? 
Edge: It was a challenge at the beginning, but little by little we realised that it has another dynamic and it’s very comfortable to play in. It was a great moment for us.
Bono: -Every stadium show I’ve seen in my life has the same structure (now he tries to make a conventional stage with pieces of brown bread).And it’s really a pity. It’s good to blow that structure up and start all over again. In fact, if you see the first Beatles shows, in the Shea Stadium, for example, they didn’t have anything around them and it creates certain psychological feeling when you see the four of them standing on stage. In this tour, after some time the show started, the scale disappears and the only thing you see  is a small stage in the middle of a stadium like the Beatles or Stones original rock and roll shows 
McGuinness: - The only difference is that nobody here has seen the Beatles,(he laughs).
-Did you see The Beatles?
-Yes, in the south of England, in  Portsmouth, in 1964. I didn’t hear anything, just screaming. The truth is that I didn’t recognise any song because of the shouting.
From The  Beatles to La Plata, with just a bite from the kebabs they were eating, the band was appalled to know the lines of fans already camping around the Estadio Unico to see their concert. "we should send them some pizzas, "Bono suggests and Edge believes that "all those things are the ones that makes us step on the stage every night feeling a huge responsibility."
-Do you like people talking about how incredible and impressive your show is even much more  than what they say about the music?
Bono: -I don’t know how this will sound but people talk more about the value of money and art at the same time as a contradiction and it’s not. People pay their tickets, which are expensive, after working or studying a lot and there’s a responsibility in this that we take. When we got into punk rock in the 70´s, we saw  The Clash  and everything changed. At that time, that movement that was just starting, was against progressive rock , where the musicians were on top and they  gave the audience a shit. Rock stars shouldn’t be ordinary people and their mood was the most important thing. If they were in a good mood , they made a good show, if they were in a bad day, they didn’t care. There was no real connection. It was never like that for us.
- How do you feel now  as regards your mental and physical energy after all those years on the road?
Edge: -It`s surely different, but we try to use it in our benefit. When you are into all this, and I love the place I am, but it is true that there’s something of the rock and roll energy that squeezes you. 

Bono: -I saw  The Who  recently and it was very interesting because I could see the physical event   Pete Townshend  produces when he plays the guitar, which of course, is very violent, it`s as if he made sounds of a very violent nature and at the same time he had an extraordinarily powerful weapon in his hands. But I was so close that i could see how he moved in more fluid way. Something I would have never thought before. It was dancing. And it was incredible to realise that the level of energy does not come from his body but form the music and the kind of music you make and how  it sounds.  When you leave the stage, you may think in another thing, as when we were 20 but there is nothing like it. You go home or to a hotel and there it is. We call it people’s ghost, it’s what leaves you empty after the show., but the following night you are full of energy again. It`s amazing.

  Bono closed his concept, took another gulp of beer and for the first time he took off his shades and we can see his blue eyes. He said that this concert is more beautiful if you see it from far, "it’s really a psychedelic trip, I think people should take mushrooms before the show." The guy is a 24-hour comedian and everybody enjoys his show, here in the informal lunch n a Palermo restaurant too.
What’s more, Bono admits that he envies professional comedians “They are very moving for me because their humour can be serious and fun at the same time. Sometimes I watch certain comedians and I envy them, because we feel ourselves comedians that took  rock and roll road. In fact, rock and roll  in the past, was about saying things nobody said. Now comedians do that. Power, in any place, is in the hands of the guy who says what nobody can say, in your house or with your friends. And comedians enjoy that power. I envy thier freedom."

When rock and roll tries not to be the centre of the world
"As a singer, the idea is not to be so self-centred or at least try it. The image of the rock star enclosed in a room, judging the world according to the quality of room service is horrible. “What do you think about Russia?"  Well, I don’t know, the eggs were a bit cold. People do not come out of their rooms. It was a lot of fun for us to be in the streets, go to art galleries," Bono said to explain why the like this kind of gatherings. They like going out, listen and of course, talk about their faith.
“What is revolutionary and avant-garde now is not the same as when we started" the singer said." I think our band started with a first album that was like an ode to innocence. At that moment rock and roll was about destroying that innocence. And we wrote a different album for the time. And the second one was about religious experience and it looked as if we were committing a crime. We could write an album about how you beat your mother but it was not allowed to write about your faith. Bob Dylan was the exception and so was Patti Smith. But mainly, in our world, writing an album like ours was illegal. The recording company we signed at that moment when we made our second album supported us much; they thought artists had the right to ask questions about their faith. For rock and roll made by white musicians there are some very strict non-written rules that consider that you have to blow up in the air. And I think there is where it gets interesting. Arcade Fire, for example, makes me feel things that I also felt in our band. There is nothing in common between the two bands but there is an interest for exploration, for the human sprit, trying to understand what it is to be awake, alive, the fear of death, a sense of community. When I listen to them I realise that all those ideas are still alive."

The Edge:  I wish those ideas had a more political sense in USA and in Europe. Because for me that is the part of rock and roll that has more porwer. And if you look at what is happening in Egypt, in the Arab world, with Internet and cell phones, music accompanies and helps those changes. I think that’s where rock and roll lives. It’s the idea that a change can happen... In USA, rock and roll started as enterntmeint, but as it is happening in Africa, changing is being fostered by young people that start to think that their situation can be better. For us, Ireland at the end of the 70s is the equivalent of what happens now; it was thinking that violence was not the legitimate way of changing things. The Clash was an inspiration for us because they had an inner interest in politics.
Bono:We have chemistry with Argentina and as we are curious we try to understand why. We fell in love with the country’s beauty. There’s a lot of thought in the planning of Buenos Aires, even in the change of colour of the trees in the  different seasons. Maybe there are more serious things to worry about, but maybe not...”

 Translation: Mysterious Ways 

La Plata Collapsed for U2 Concerts

More than 200 families open their houses  to lodge U2 fans from all over Argentina and neighbouring countries. After the hotels were all booked, the town hall opened a register for families who want to lodge U2 fans for the concerts of March 30th, April 2nd and 3rd.
Ana Fisher, La Plata`s Tourism Manager, estimates that more than 70,000 people will attend each concert.
She added that the town hall inspects the places so they can be appropriate for lodging and she said that they are all very happy as "the city will change its perspective and become a new touristic spot in our country". 

La Plata  is the capital city of the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and according to the 2001 census, the city proper has a population of 574,369 and its metropolitan area has 694,253 inhabitants.La Plata hosts one of the most renowned universities in Argentina, the National University of La Plata (Spanish: Universidad Nacional de La Plata, UNLP). It has over 75,000 regular students, 8,000 teaching staff, 16 faculties and 106 available degrees, for that reason it is known as "the city of students".

Fans have been camping outside Estadio Único since Saturday. More than 1,200 people are still working in the building of the famous "The Claw". The newly renovated stadium was easy to prepare as all the equipment (including cranes) could get in without problems. The concerts will have with a huge security  operation including more than 400 police officers , 600 admission people, paramedics and ambulances.

PS: La Plata is "where the streets have no name" as the streets there have no name but numbers! Beware of the diagonals! 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Argentina is Almost Ready for U2

Estadio Unico getting ready for the big show (photo: Perfil)
More pics here (U2now and then) and here 

While Bono was seen in  a bar and disco in  Buenos Aires  last Saturday night, the Claw is fast being built in Estadio Unico, La Plata, Argentina. U2`s show will be the test the newly renovated stadium needs to become one of the most important South American venues for international shows.
Fans camping outside stadium (Nahuel Suárez, via Twitter)

Fans have been camping outside the stadium since Saturday  to try to reach "the inner circle".
Apart from the classic ONE booths  with volunteers trying to raise awareness to the fight for poverty, Greenpeace will start a campaing to reach the 2 million adherents to ask governments for a plan of " clean and renowable" energies and raise awareness on the impact of climate change over glaziers.

Join ONE and Greenpeace.

"Chile... you'd wait until the end of the world..."

'You said you'd wait Chile, you said you'd wait until the end of the world...' And five years after the band last played in South America, five weeks after the last show and 21 months after this tour opened in Barcelona, U2360 achieved lift-off at the Estadio Nacional in Santiago on Friday night.

'You said you'd wait Chile, you said you'd wait until the end of the world...' And five years after the band last played in South America, five weeks after the last show and 21 months after this tour opened in Barcelona, U2360 achieved lift-off at the Estadio Nacional in Santiago. 

.A special guest joined the band to share vocals on One Tree Hill: 'We'd like to ask to the stage the very gifted, the very wonderful Francisca Valenzuela.' The young and talented Chilean singer-songwriter brought a beautiful new dimension to a song with special connections to Chile and its most famous poet and political activist:
'Jara sang, his song a weapon in the hands of love.
You know his blood still cries from the ground.'

Bono dedicated the song to Joan, wife of Victor Jara. 'We never forget Victor Jara,' he added, and Pride too was, 'For Victor Jara once more.'

Another veteran Chilean artist and activist, who's known and worked with the band since the 1980's was also here tonight. 'Rene Castro,' announced Bono. 'An old friend, in the house!' Rene was responsible for creating the memorable stage backdrops on the LoveTown Tour at the end of the 1980's. 

The country, as Edge points out on a video for, has changed dramatically for the better since the band first played here, but change is still coming in other countries - and the set list tonight referenced the dramatic people movements taking place in 2011. Sunday Bloody Sunday went out to a country in north Africa ('Libya, can you hear us?') while Scarlet segued into Walk On with a meditation on Aung San Suu Kyi.

'This beautiful spirit is out now, is free, she wants to thank U2 fans, Amnesty International, all people who campaigned for her - rejoice.' But the military junta that kept her under house arrest still locks up its political activists. 'Are you hearing us Burma?'

An irresistible version of Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me led into a pretty epic version of With or Without You - this Chilean audience sang at full volume all night, but never more so than now.
'Our hearts and our prayers go across the world from Chile to the people of Japan,' said Bono, with the opening bars of Moment of Surrender. A poignant note to close a powerful show.

Setlist: Beautiful Day - Sgt. Pepper's, 
I Will Follow, Get On Your Boots, 
Mysterious Ways, 
Until the End of the World - Anthem, 
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - I Want to Know What Love Is, 
One Tree Hill,
In A Little While, 
Miss Sarajevo, 
City of Blinding Lights, 
Vertigo, I'll Go Crazy (remix) - Two Tribes, 
Sunday Bloody Sunday, 
Walk On - You'll Never Walk Alone

Encore(s): One,
 Mothers of the Disappeared - Where the Streets Have No Name - All You Need Is Love,
 Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me, 
With or Without You, 
Moment of Surrender

Picture gallery here.
More videos here.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Edge on Chile 'More Hopeful Place'

Edge talks about his memories of Chile on the way to soundcheck in Santiago. has published Edge`s conversation on his way to soundcheck

'It's a much more hopeful place than it was back then, it's a pleasure to be here...'

U2 > News > 'More Hopeful Place'

With all four band members finally in Santiago (Bono and Larry arrived on Thursday), U2 finally took the stage  for what amounted to a slightly abbreviated rehearsal prior to Friday night's concert at the National Stadium. With hundreds of fans already in line and listening from outside -- and many tweeting the whole time -- the band went through a near-complete setlist, but Bono only sang on a handful of songs. Here's what U2 rehearsed , with notes in parentheses as needed:

Return of the Stingray Guitar

Beautiful Day (twice)

I Will Follow

Get On Your Boots


Mysterious Ways

Elevation (Bono)

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

One Tree Hill

Miss Sarajevo

(Fez segue - possibly live vocals?)

City of Blinding Lights

Walk On

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

Moment of Surrender (Bono)

Beautiful Day (Bono)

In addition, fans reported hearing what sounded like guitar bits of "Mothers Of The Disappeared," the piano from "New Year's Day," and the siren sound from "Vertigo" during some rehearsal downtime. The inclusion of "One Tree Hill" would be unusual, since it's typically associated with and performed in New Zealand. But the song does mention Chilean poet Victor Jara Jara, who was murdered in Santiago in 1973.

Bono also reportedly visited earlier today with artist Rene Castro, whom the band met and became friendly with during the Joshua Tree - Rattle And Hum - Lovetown tour era.

Chilean and Argentinian fans were spotted in the rehearsals, among them Mariano Nicotra, who is making the documentary of the band in Argentina and neibouring countries (U2 en Argentina, la película; U2 in Argentina, the movie)

New U2 Album in July

In a short interview broadcast today on Irish radio station Phantom, Edge talked about the band's plans for a new album, the rest of the 360 tour, and more -- and U2 fans probably won't be too thrilled with what he had to say.

Edge on the U2 360 Tour's Future

Although rumors have been circulating of new dates in Europe later this year, Edge said he thinks that's probably not gonna happen.

"I think we're probably gonna pack up the U2 claw after the American shows. I doubt if -- but you can never say never. But right now, if you wanted my opinion, I'd say that that will be the end."

Edge on U2's Next Album

The different projects the band is working on are all still alive, and the band isn't ready yet to commit to one particular direction. They'll probably decide on what kind of album to make and resume working on new material after the tour concludes.

"Bono's been talking about different projects and they're all still kind of alive. We're not ready to commit to one particular direction, but we've so much new material. And when the dust settles and we're off the road, I think we're gonna give ourselves a couple weeks and sit back and figure it all out and decide which way we're gonna go." Later he adds, "We're enjoying that moment where things haven't fully come into focus and we could take it in a number of different directions."

Edge also mentioned the band will probably change the set list a bit for their performance in Glastonbury and have "a few little extras, but nothing like the 360 stage."

Edge taped the interview last week while he was still in New York City. You can listen to it  on's website.