Saturday, May 30, 2009

Go Ali Go!!!

Ali Hewson(sometimes known as Bono´s wife) and fifty student gardai are abseiling down Ireland's tallest building today. They're raising funds to create 'Homes of Hope' for children whose lives continue to be devastated by the Chernobyl disaster of 23 years ago.

The abseilers will be coming down the Elysian in Cork, which stands at eighty three metres and 17 storeys high. Ali, a Board member of Chernobyl Children's Project International (CCPI), which the band have supported for many years, explained how the idea came about.

'Student Gardai organised this abseil to raise funds so that Olya and Kristina who came to Ireland unable to walk, can return to Belarus and walk into a real home - a 'Home of Hope. If a lot of people can give a little it can mean so much'.

Olya and Kristina, two brave young girls from the heart of the zone affected by the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl in 1986, have been in Ireland for critical surgery. Both girls have spent their young lives living in an orphanage, but the student gardai want children like Olya and Kristina to have a 'Home of Hope' of their own.

Each 'Home of Hope' is a foster-type home for up to 10 children. To date, CCPI has purchased 23 Homes of Hope to give children, who were previously abandoned into state orphanages and institutions in Belarus, the shelter and comfort of their own home.

'Chernobyl Children's Project International develops sustainable community-based solutions and provides medical and humanitarian assistance to the victims and survivors of Chernobyl.' Read more here and donate online here.

Late Late Show: Between Revelations & Gifts

The band were guests of Pat Kenny last night, his final night presenting The Late Late Show. As well as playing Magnificent and presenting Pat with some leaving gifts, they also had a revealing conversation which touched on the upcoming tour production, how they once nearly parted company with Paul McGuinness, what it's like to bring a tour home to Ireland and how U2 is a 'family business' built on disagreement.

Edge presented Kenny wiht a guitar made by Gibson. "There's only 300 of them in the world and it's in aid of a charity that I co-founded for New Orleans, for the musicians of New Orleans. So it's very rare.' he said.

They were asked about the new show and Edge remarked:"For a long time we said to people within our production team we love it when we have people all around us, which we do sometimes indoors, but we never had it outdoors. Can you help us figure it out?"

And Bono added:"People used to say that outside of Ireland the best place to see U2 was Madison Square Gardens and that's where you play in the round up at one end and our audience say that's the best seats... and it feels like you're on stage sort of thing. And so we wanted to see could we apply this outdoors. Of course how do you hang the gear from the sky so to speak? So the engineering is to allow us to do that."

Edge:"We haven't seen it yet but we've seen some footage of it as it's been built in Belgium and I have to say I looked at it today and thought, 'Oh my God we've actually designed the Eiffel Tower!' It's this huge thing. It's pretty amazing.'

Larry talks about their expectations about playing in Croke Park: "'Epectations are always high, particularly in your homeland, but you know that's what we do. We fly the flag wherever we can. And nowhere prouder than in our homeland. So you take the pressure on, understanding that your family and your friends are expecting great things. They hear about all the stuff you do around the world and they want you to come home and show that you can do it for them as well."

Bono talks about "co dependence":"Just having the loudest voice and the most persuasive tone does not mean it's the best idea, sadly. And that's why we're a band. We very much depend on each other and what we've learned to do is... the individual egos are sort of subservient to a band ego which is pretty big. But that's the way it works, so if the idea is a great idea we soon forget who had it or where it came from, and I would say all four of us win the day on different things.'

And Adam, strangely, talks about U2 & politics (you would expect this from Bono!!)I:" think U2 was always interested in politics. I think that's where we came from. In 1976 Dublin was a very different place than it is now. It was in a recession... and when we heard punk music that was an opportunity for us to do something, to get involved and to be part of a thought process that was about changing your world and changing the ideas in your world and that is something we've carried through over the last 30 years. And Bono's activism is something that we all support and we all stand behind him. We might be in the studio finishing a record and he's off doing something else but it's something that he does very much on our behalf as much as his own."

Larry explains how the band agrees to disagree: 'U2 is built on disagreement. I mean, it's always been like that and it is a democracy, to an extent and you know, you have to be allowed express your views. And I have to. It's my duty to.'

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Magnificent Late Late Show

Irish Broadcaster Pat Kenny could end up with a 'Magnificent' send-off when he ends his run as 'the Late Late Show' presenter with U2 performing their new single on the show, The Irish Independent reports. The show will be broadcast tomorrow.

RTE insiders are remaining tightlipped on this week's line-up, but sources say the rock group and actor Gabriel Byrne will star as Kenny ends his 10-year run fronting the show.

A spokesperson for the group said that there was "nothing confirmed", but insiders say that U2 will be appearing on the show ,which will also feature a barbecue in the grounds outside the studios.

U2 were due to appear on 'the Late Late Show' some few weeks ago to promote 'Magnificent', which is the latest single to be taken form their 'No Line on The Horizon' album. But it's understood they agreed to postpone that appearance to feature in Kenny's grand exit.

When Gay Byrne retired from the show 10 years ago, Bono and Larry Mullen turned up in the studios and presented him with a Harley Davidson motorcycle. But there is no indication, so far, as to whether the band is preparing a major gift for Kenny.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Random U2 Quote

"They say, 'Oh, you can't get these [HIV treatment] drugs to the farthest reaches of Africa.' Yet we can get cold fizzy drinks there. You know, let's talk to Coca-Cola about using their infrastructure and their refrigerated trucks."

Bono, 2002

Sunday, May 24, 2009

U2 backs campaign to raise awareness of MS

Rock group U2 will this week support the first global awareness campaign to spotlight multiple sclerosis.
World MS Day, to be launched on Wednesday, will involve more than 160 events in 51 countries.
U2's contribution is their hit song Beautiful Day, which is providing the campaign soundtrack.

The aim is to highlight the plight of people with the disease, raise donations for patient charities and research funding, forge links between MS organisations, and urge action from politicians.

MS is an auto-immune disease in which nerves are attacked by the body's own defences.
The incurable illness affects around 85,000 people in the UK. It can cause symptoms ranging from mild tingling sensations and loss of balance to full blown paralysis. Up to 60% of sufferers will face long term disability.

Among the planned activities for the campaign is an attempt on Mount Everest by two American women with MS, Lori Schneider and Wendy Booker.
In Ireland, eight people will climb six mountains in 72 hours, while Roll for MS cycling and motorcycling events are being held in Belgium, Canada, France and Luxembourg.
Concerts will take place in Greece and Cyprus, and human chains formed in the Indian cities of Mumbai and Delhi.
The MS Society charity will also open its first office in Palestine.
The US National MS Society is rallying more than 850,000 individuals to press politicians to support affordable health care for sufferers.
U2's Beautiful Day will be featured on a global campaign film highlighting different aspects of MS.
One of the sports celebrities backing the campaign is Argentinian and Barcelona FC football star Lionel Messi.
Peer Baneke, chief executive of the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation (MSIF) which is organising World MS Day, said: "No matter where they live, people with MS, their families, friends and the wider community, need to come together to help fight this disease and allow people in any country to discuss their MS openly."

Donations and more

Thursday, May 21, 2009

U2: Big Stage, Big Energy

Rolling Stone´s new May issue reports on its Summer Tour Preview.

Openers On Select Dates: Snow Patrol, Muse, Black Eyed Peas
Tickets $30-$253


Other artists may be scaling down for the recession, but not U2: Their first U.S. stadium tour since 1997's PopMart will be dominated by the largest set ever built for a rock concert, a monstrous stage nicknamed the Claw that will allow them to play in the round. "The crowd will be all around us," says the Edge, on a break from tour planning. "That energy will just make the performances fly." The band is selling some seats for as cheap as $30, as a nod to tough times and to make the shows accessible to young fans.

"We're talking about resurrecting songs we haven't played in a long time," Edge says. "I have a list of every U2 song — some I can't remember anymore — even some of the B sides that we've never played live. We were thinking how much fun it would be to play something like [Joshua Tree outtake] 'Luminous Times.' Certain songs from the last couple of tours, we may not play again. We want to find songs that feel fresh and valid."

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Random U2 Quote

Question: ‘Why does the world need U2 in 2009?’

Bono: “Well … we have joy. We have rage. We’re unreasonable. We can take a punch. But we can throw one too.”

(Q magazine, Feb. 2009)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More on Elvis & Bono

Surfing the net ,there are sometimes great´s Bono saying his poem "Elvis American David"

Walk on

'Walk on, walk on What you got they can't steal it No they can't even feel it Walk on, walk on... Stay safe tonight...'(Walk On, written in 2001 and dedicated to Aung San Suu Kyi)

Burmese freedom fighter and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi has been under government-sponsored house arrest for 13 of the past 19 years. As Suu Kyi awaits an upcoming trial on May 18th on charges meant to extend her imprisonment, Not On Our Watch has organized an international statement calling for her release.
Bono has joined George Clooney, Desmond Tutu, Stephen Spielberg and others in calling for the release of Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi.
Originally scheduled to be released at the end of May 2009, a bizarre turn of events has thrown Suu Kyi's future into doubt. Earlier this month, an American unlawfully swam to her compound, staying there for two nights against Suu Kyi's wishes. Upon the discovery of this visit, Burmese authorities arrested the intruder, and on May 14, took Suu Kyi to the Insein prison to face criminal charges aimed at further extending her incarceration. They have declared that she will stand trial on May 18.
See the list of signatories to the statement and add your own support here.

What is Not On Our Watch?

"Our mission is to focus global attention and resources towards putting an end to mass atrocities around the world. Drawing upon the powerful voices of artists, activists, and cultural leaders, Not On Our Watch generates lifesaving humanitarian assistance and protection for the vulnerable, marginalized, and displaced. We encourage governing bodies to take meaningful, immediate action to protect those in harm’s way. Where governments remain complacent, Not On Our Watch is committed to stopping mass atrocities and giving voice to their victims."
Founded by Don Cheadle,George Clooney,Matt Damon,Brad Pitt,David Pressman and Jerry Weintraub.

Friday, May 15, 2009

U2 Recommends U2

Adam recommends "Lemon", he recently said in an interview.It is his all times U2 favourite song.

"Lemon" was the second single released from Zooropa. It followed the trend of not being a worldwide release, nor being released in typical formats, that started with the Numb single. A commercial version of this single was not released in Europe. Instead the single only had limited release in the United States, Australia and Japan. Europe and other regions had promotional singles released. The single did chart at number 6 in Australia where the more traditional formats were released;released in July 1993. The album was avant garde and very creative.

With Bono putting on his now well-known falsetto for the entire song rather then just a piece as in the past, and Edge relying heavily on his delay pedal while Adam, Larry, and Eno and company supply a slick groove to hold it all down, this is as perfect a marriage of rock and electronic/ambient music as one can imagine. And it´s the successful marriage of these diverse elements which allow the band to move ever forward in musical creativity yet maintain their core identity. The drums, bass work, vocals, piano, everything suggests this is a U2 song. And just as equally suggests it is not.

With one of the best videos ever (not only in the videography of the band but in the history of videos), perhaps a forgotten song (from an album that had been underestimated, though much appreciated by the band and countless fans). Adam thought the album could have been their "Sgt Pepper" but Bono felt it somewhat "unfinished".

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Was Bono’s Doppelganger

Neil Mc Cormick´s novel "I Was Bono’s Doppelganger" is going to be filmed.

Based on Neil McCormick’s autobiography, the film tells of McCormick and his brother’s disastrous attempts to become rock stars. Failing spectacularly they can only watch while old school friends U2 become the biggest band in the world.

Neil will be played by Charlie Cox with new Irish talent Robert Sheehan as younger brother Ivan. Nick Hamm (The Hole) directs and the project was developed through Hamm’s Greenroom Entertainment with British comedy-royalty writers Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais (The Commitments).

Producers are Piers Tempest for Salt, Mark Huffam of Generator Entertainment and Ian Flooks (former agent to U2) of Wasted Talent, with James Flynn of Octagon. Liz Gallacher is music supervisor for Cutting Edge and Mike Hedges (a frequent U2 collaborator, including All That You Can’t Leave Behind) is music producer.

Financiers include Matador Pictures and Cutting Edge Group. An August shoot in Belfast, Dublin and London is planned.

The book is funny and witty, hope the film is so too!!! Waiting to watch it and listen to the soundtrack. Will Bono make a special "guest appearance"?


"Remember American David, Bono's homage to Elvis?" asks. "The piece was written back in 1995 and was sent out to Propaganda subscribers way back when. Roll forward to 2006 and a radio documentary on the legendary Sun Studios in Memphis and while being interviewed for the piece, the journo had Bono read the poem. Now, the same guy has layered an atmospheric soundscape alongside the poem, with an amazing result."

The programme can be listened here for the following six days.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

American Idol Goes U2

Music mogul SIMON COWELL was so desperate to hear his favourite U2 song performed on AMERICAN IDOL on Tuesday night (12May09) he asked BONO for special permission.
Cowell wanted to see Idol competitor Adam Lambert belt out One the week before the big final - and chose to cut through record industry red tape and go straight to U2's frontman.
Cowell says, "I had to get permission from the band, so they'd personally clear it.
"I literally had a call on Saturday from Bono, saying it would be their pleasure to have Adam sing this song."


Monday, May 11, 2009

The Claw: Final Stage

The stage for U2 360° Tour is taking shape. This is the way it´s being constructed at StageCo in Wechter, Belgium.

The people from and are organising balloons collecting for the first official gig at Nou Camp, Barcelona on 30 th June 2009.
Surely it will look wonderful, a sight to be seen. Congratulations on the iniciative!!! For more and


Saturday, May 9, 2009


May 10th, 1960,Paul Hewson a.k.a. Bono was born in Dublin,Ireland. Singer, rocker, song writer, writer and activist, husband and father, inpirational figure for many, is 49 today. As a way of saying "happy birthday" to a friend (this is possibly the only "unrequitted" friendship I cherish), I want to share a work done by a dear friend and co-writer of this blog, MJ from South Africa.

"Rules to Live by"...according to Bono

Rule 1

We all need guardian angels …

Rule 2

Celebrate Life...

Rule 3

Spend time with someone less fortunate …

Rule 4

Believe in the power of prayer.

Rule 5

Take time to be introspective …

Rule 6

Believe in yourself …

Rule 7

Laugh more … it makes you feel better!

Rule 8

Look ahead & keep your eye on the goal …

Rule 9

Make your voice heard …

Rule 10

Surround yourself with people who love, care & respect YOU …

Rule 11

We all need a shoulder to lean on …

Rule 12

Have a role-model who inspires you to greater heights.

Rule 13

Take time out to do what makes YOUR heart happy …

Rule 14

Never underestimate the power of true love …

Rule 15

Do what you love with pride because...YOU are the master of your Universe!

Thanks Bono for your music, your friendship and your inspiration. Surely a man to look up to!

For Bono´s Birthday!

Tomorrow is Bono´s birthday and for the seventh year in a row, the African Well Fund is pleased to announce plans for a fundraising drive to " Build a Well for Bono's Birthday". AWF is using the 70 days between the release of U2's new album "No Line on the Horizon" and Bono's birthday to collect money to fund water projects in Liberia.

From March 2nd through May 10th, the African Well Fund invites U2 fans and others who are inspired by Bono's tireless activism on behalf of Africa to make a donation in honor of Bono's birthday on May 10th. Your donation in any amount will go a long way in helping to provide clean water for the people of Africa.

Donations from the five previous campaigns totaled over $143,000 and have been used by our partner Africare to fund well projects benefiting more than 23,000 people in Uganda, Ethiopia, Angola and Zimbabwe. This year's campaign will go to benefit Nimba County in Liberia.

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Ultimate Music Guide

Billed as 'The Ultimate Music Guide to U2', a bumper magazine special from the makers of 'Uncut' has just hit the streets.

' Over 148 pages the magazine's unrivalled team of expert writers provide a comprehensive survey of U2's work, from their first stirrings in Dublin to the globe-straddling force who have just released their 12th blockbusting album.'

As well as analysis of every album, the guide also discusses rare released, live sets and DVD's and reprints some long lost interviews from the archives of the NME and Melody Maker.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mick Jagger & Bono

Mick Jagger, Bono, Joss Stone, Damian and Stephen Marley and Nas are currently working on tracks for an upcoming album for the United Nations.

The special fundraising album, as yet untitled, is set to be released on the United Nations International Day of Peace, 21 September.

Mick Jagger,Joss Stone, Damian and Stephen Marley and Nas will work on the United Nations album in LA, while busy philanthropist Bono will record elsewhere on his own.


Ali Hewson & EDUN

Ali Hewson, co founder of EDUN, the socially conscious clothes company, tells about the new Spring/Summer Collection and explains the aims behind the trademark.

"The Spring / Summer 2009 collection is a study in the romantic naturalism of the 'Origin of the Species' in which EDUN explores the utopian ideal of two cultures merging into one. The romance inherent in European culture is grafted with the vibrancy of tribal Africana - weaving classic fabrics and timeless fits with exotic and striking colors and textures.”

"Trading in the developing world is a better and more efficient way to dealwith poverty and to deal with the problems rther than aid. Aid is very important but trade is the way to really change people´s lives..."

When she was asked about her husband´s influence in the company, she said he´s in many aspects of it but... "He´s not in the fashion,we don´t let him because he had a mullet in the 80´s..."

Socially Conscious, Rock & Roll Fashion from EDUN from Sonja Shin Hodgkins on Vimeo.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Magnificent Unveiled

The video of the new single,"Magnificent" has been premiered in and Yahoo Music. > News > Unveiled!

Fez and the veils are really Magnificent!!!!!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Elvis: American David.

This poem written in 1995 by Bono will form part of a 15-minute feature interwoven with specially composed music and archive material to be broadcast by BBC Radio 4 on May 13 2009.

something similar was recorded as "Elvis Ate America" in the Passengers album.

elvis son of tupelo.

elvis mama's boy.

elvis the twin brother of Jesse who died at birth and was buried in a shoe box.

elvis drove a truck.

elvis was recorded at sun studios by the musical diviner sam phillips.

elvis was managed by colonel tom parker, an ex-carnie barker whose last act was a singing canary.

elvis was the most famous singer in the world since king david.

elvis lived on his own street.

elvis liked to play speed cop.

elvis had a monkey named scatter before anyone.

elvis wore a cape at the white house when he was presenting nixon with two silver pistols.

elvis was a member of the drug squad.

elvis wore eye make up, just hangin' out.

elvis wore a gold nudie suit and trained his lip to curl.

elvis was macho, but could sing like a girl.

elvis was not a big talker.

elvis was articulate in every other way.

elvis dyed his hair black to look like valentino.

elvis held a microphone the way valentino held nitanaldi in blood and sand.

elvis dressed black long before he dressed in black.

elvis sang black except in lower registers where he was a student of dean martin.

elvis admired mario lanza.

elvis delivered the world from crooning.

elvis was a great crooner.

elvis had a voice that could explain the sexuality of america.

elvis was influenced by jim morrison in his choice of black leather for the '68 comeback special.

elvis invented the beatles.

elvis achieved world domination from a small town.

elvis was conscious of myth.

elvis had pharoah-like potential.

elvis was made by america, so america could remake itself.

elvis had good manners.

elvis was a bass, a baritone, and a tenor.

elvis sang his heart out at the end.

elvis the opera singer.

elvis the soap opera.

elvis loved america, God, the bible, firearms, the movies, the office of presidency, junk food, drugs, cars, family,television, jewellery, straight talkin', dirty talkin' gameshows, uniforms, and self-help books.

elvis like america, wanted to improve himself.

elvis like america, started out loving but later turned on himself.

elvis body could not stop moving.

elvis is alive, we're dead.

elvis the charismatic.

elvis the ecstatic.

elvis the plastic, elvis the elastic with a spastic dance that might explain the energy of america.

elvis fusion and confusion.

elvis earth rod in a southern dorm.

elvis shaking up an electrical storm.

elvis in hollywood his voice gone to ground.

elvis in las vegas with a big brassy sound.

elvis the first rock'n'roll star with scotty moore, bill black, and d.j. fontana.

elvis with james burton and ronny tutt.

elvis the movie star made three good films : viva las vegas,flaming star, and jailhouse rock.

elvis the hillbilly brought rhythm to the white race,blues to pop, and rock'n'roll to where ever rock'n'roll is.

elvis the pelvis, swung from africa to europe, which is the idea of america.

elvis liberation.

elvis the kung fu would come later.

elvis hibernation.

elvis built a theme park he later called Graceland.

elvis woke up to whispers.

elvis thought of himself as a backslider.

elvis knew guilt like a twin brother.

elvis called God every morning then left the phone off the hook.

elvis turned las vegas into a church when he sang "love me tender".

elvis turned america into a church when he sang "the trilogy".

elvis was harangued by choice;flesh vs. spirit, God vs. rock'n'roll mother vs. lover,father vs. the colonel.

elvis grew sideburns as a protest against tom jones'hairy chest.

elvis would have a president named after him.

elvis was one of the boys.

elvis was not one of the boys.

elvis had an acute intelligence disguised as talent.

elvis broke pirscilla's heart.

elvis broke lisa marie's heart.

elvis woke up my heart.

elvis white trash.

elvis the memphis flash.

elvis didn't smoke hash and woulda been a sissy without johnny cash.

elvis didn't dodge the draft.

elvis had his own aircraft.

elvis having a laugh on the lisa marie in a colour photograph.

elvis under the hood.

elvis cadillac blood.

elvis darling bud flowered and returned to the mississippi mud.

elvis ain't gonna rot.

elvis in a memphis plot.

elvis didn't hear the shot but the king died just across the lot from.

elvis vanilla ice cream.

elvis girls of 14.

elvis memphis spleen shooting at the tv reading corinthians 13.

elvis with God on his knees.

elvis on three tvs.

elvis here come the killer bees head full of honey,potato chips and cheese.

elvis the bumper stickers.

elvis the white knickers.

elvis the white nigger ate at burger king and just kept getting bigger.

elvis sang to win.

elvis the battle to be slim.

elvis ate america before america ate him.

elvis stamps,elvis necromance.

elvis fans,elvisp sychphants.

elvis the public enemy.

elvis don't mean shit to chucked.

elvis changed the centre of gravity.

elvis made it slippy.

elvis hitler,elvis nixon,elvis christ, elvis mishima.

elvis marcus, elvis jackson, elvis the pelvis.

elvis the psalmist,elvis the genius, elvis the generous.

elvis forgive us.

elvis pray for us

elvis aaron presley(1935-1977)

C Bono 1995

The annotated poem in The Guardian ,article by John Sutherland

More critics from long time friend and official "Bono defender" Neil Mc Cormick in

Seems our good friend Bono has arisen another controversy...Hey anyone can have a bad writing day!!! (though I think some lines are really good!!)

source: BBC// //

Magnificent Premiere

On Wednesday 6th the new video of "Magnificent"will be premiered on Yahoo Music.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Bono´s Poem on Elvis

On May 13, BBC Radio 4 listeners will be treated to a "plain but intense" Bono recital of the 850-word verse, entitled American David. It will be part of a 15-minute feature interwoven with specially composed music and archive material, which the BBC insists will be "atmospheric and artistic."
The poem was written in 1995 by the U2 singer who has a long-term fascination with the King of Rock'n'Roll. It opens with the lines: "Elvis son of Tupelo/ Elvis mama's boy/ Elvis the twin brother of Jesse who died at birth and was buried in a shoe box."

Laura Parfitt of White Pebble Media, who pitched the idea to the broadcaster, said: "Bono did an interview about two years ago with Des Shaw for a series for BBC radio about Sun Studios [in Memphis where Elvis recorded]. At the end of the interview he said he had written a poem about Elvis and asked if Des wanted to hear it. So he pulled out the poem and just read it and recorded it. At the end he said, 'Do whatever you want with it.' It was never broadcast."

When Parfitt, a U2 fan, heard the recording she said she could immediately imagine sounds and music to accompany it. "It's a very evocative poem that brings sounds into your head. I immediately heard a soundscape. I could hear the sounds of America, I could hear Elvis's voice and the music."

Bono's text contains references to Presley's films as well as his music and covers all stages of his career, including his fall from grace. "Elvis the bumper stickers/ Elvis the white knickers/ Elvis the white nigger ate at Burger King and just kept getting bigger."

Another section reads: "Elvis white trash/ Elvis the Memphis flash/ Elvis didn't smoke hash and woulda been a sissy without Johnny Cash."

In 2004, Bono selected Elvis as his choice for The Greatest Artists of All Time issue of Rolling Stone magazine. "Elvis changed everything -- musically, sexually, politically," he said. "In Elvis, you had the whole lot; it's all there in that elastic voice and body."

For the band's film Rattle and Hum, U2 went to Graceland and Sun Studios where they worked with Cowboy Jack Clement, Presley's engineer. The studio was reopened specially so the band could record some tracks in the same place where Presley recorded "Mystery Train." The tracks included "Angel of Harlem" with BB King. An earlier album, The Unforgettable Fire, featured a track entitled "Elvis Presley and America."

Parfitt described Bono's style as "a bit like the Liverpool beat poets. I think it's interesting because obviously he's a lyricist and this is a totally different approach to writing words. It sounds like a prayer at the end.

"The programme takes you on a journey through Elvis's life and career but also through America of that era, all told through this incredible poem that Bono wrote," she said.

Bono and Red for Fortune

"You can imagine the PR work to get a rock star’s schedule in line with the whole board, and not wanting it all about Bono, but that is the hook.. We did a shot with a red carpet and more… This was chosen as it fit the pace of the spread and works."

This one looks like the least complicated of the shoots in term of concept. True or false ?

BB: True, sort of.. We did a red carpet shot.. Which took a long time to convince Bono..and works well, but the simple shot of them closer helped the pacing of the series and is more personal considering what RED is all about. We shot them before they went to dinner in NYC and made sure plenty of drinks were available.

To read the whole story of the photo shoot: whats the jackanory?

Clooney by Bono

Bono wrote about George Clooney for Times Magazine.
Here goes some extracts...

George Clooney is a dangerous man. He needs to be watched... to be monitored... He's a new kind of American radical... a post-'60s, post-obvious, post-postmodern radical, not the left-leaning Hollywood bleeding-heart do-gooder that many think. Oh, no...
Clooney, 48, is a pragmatic idealist, and a patriot in a very different sense than the way that word is normally used. He believes that his country is a contagious idea that should be embraced by the world — but not by force, and not out of fear...

... Humor is his not-so-secret weapon. He's very, very funny. Especially when he's off-script...

His commitment to ending the atrocities in Sudan is not a role, not a performance. It is real — and it is serious work. Some people think celebrities should stick to the script, stay feted and fetal in their air-conditioned trailers. Some people think it's an appalling juxtaposition to see the rich and famous in a photo call with the vanquished and the vulnerable.

It is. George knows that. But he also knows that the cameras trained on you and the column inches dedicated to you could be covering something a little more important than, well, you. Like the slaughter of innocents in Darfur. Like the refugee camps full of starving Sudanese..

..Clooney's smile is as brilliant as ever, but if you look closer, his jaw is clenched. What he brings to the discussion on Darfur is not just star power. It's the power of conviction, and a growing impatience, and an undiminished sense that what's still — still! — happening in Darfur is an affront to what we say we believe. Our response, as yet, is unworthy of us.

So take his picture, shake his hand, but whatever you do, don't make this man mad — he just gets more organized.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Behind the Scenes in Morocco

The band shot the video for the single "Magnificent" in the medieval city of Fez in Morocco. tells us "Setting up a performance space inside a local riad, director Alex Courtez also took band and camera crew out on the streets of this mediaeval city - amongst the traders in the market, on the ancient walls and playing with local kids."

"This behind-the-scenes special is cut to the album version of Magnificent, not the single edit. Stay tuned for the new video itself... coming soon."


U2 Ticket Auction Benefiting AWF

Two General Admission tickets for U2 360° Tour for Saturday, September 12, 2009 at Soldier Field Chicago, Illinois are being auctioned at
This will be the first North American show of the 360 Tour.
100% of the proceeds from the auction will go to benefit the African Well Fund's 7th Annual Build a Well For Bono's Birthday campaign.

This year's fundraiser, whose slogan is "70 Days to Change the World," will benefit a water, health and hygiene improvement project in Liberia. Administered by AWF partner organization Africare, the completed project will increase access to safe drinking water and improve sanitation and hygiene for communities in selected districts of Nimba County, benefiting about 7,000 people. For more information please visit