Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hang out with Bono backstage and help RED

Hang out with Bono backstage, where he’ll give you his (RED) Gretsch guitar!Plus flights, hotel, and VIP tickets for two.Every entry helps fight AIDS with (RED)

(EN) In an effort to support (RED)'s fight to deliver an AIDS free generation, I'm offering the chance to come to a U2 concert, meet me backstage, and I will give you a guitar. The guitar is yours to keep. Any songs you write with it are yours to keep. I will even sign the guitar in case you want to hang it over the mantel or use it as collateral in a card game.To collect the guitar, you will come backstage at one of our shows and be ushered past the diplomats, journalists, fashion models, economists, talk show hosts and actors and straight to my secret rendezvous room where we will toast each other and I will hand over the guitar. All those VIP’s will want to know why YOU got to cut the line. I won’t tell them if you don’t. To add to the excitement, I’m not going to tell Adam, Edge and Larry about this contest. When you show up, I’m going to tell them that you are a United Nations ambassador and they should address you as “Your excellency.” Let’s see if they fall for that one again.

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