Thursday, November 27, 2014

Bono: Comic Super-Hero

New comic book details Bono's life and career

A new comic book chronicles U2 front man Bono's life in vivid color.

The life of U2's front man Bono is the subject of the latest edition of Bluewater Production's Fame comic book series. The glossy tracks the Irishman's boyhood, his music career and humanitarian work. It also features Bloody Sunday, the 1972 shooting of protesters in Northern Ireland, which later inspired the U2 single, Sunday Bloody Sunday. "Fame" is available in print and digital form on November 19.

Written by  Michael L. Frizell with artists, David Frizell (cover), Gary Scott Beatty(letterer), and  Jayfri Hashim (colourist, penciler).

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