Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Edge surprised graduates from Dublin music college

These Dublin music college graduates got the surprise of a lifetime when U2 guitarist The Edge turned up to congratulate them.

Onlookers were stunned when the iconic rocker was introduced to the crowd in British and Irish Modern Music Institute graduation ceremony in the Tivoli Theatre on Wednesday.
The Dublin musician began the presentations and handed out graduation pins to the lucky graduates.

Addressing the delighted crowd in attendance, The Edge said: "I'm sure it feels like you still have a lot to prove, but you've already succeeded.
"You're here, you've graduated, you live in Ireland! Success can be many things. Everyone's definition is different.

"If you try too hard to please the world loses interest.
"Criticism is your friend. I welcome it. It makes you better. The harder it is to hear, the more useful it is.

"But keep your ego in check - out of control egos break up bands, not musical differences."

The Edge meets Alumni Award Winner, Mark Walshe of BIMM Dublin and delivers and inspiring speech at their graduation ceremony

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