Thursday, November 3, 2016


Edge and Adam were at The Roundhouse, in London's Camden Town, as U2 were honoured with 'Best Live Act' at the Q Awards and Edge was presented with the Les Paul Award.

'I've been doing shows with this band for forty years now, ' said Edge as he and Adam accepted the award for Best Live Act from Jack Garratt , 2016 Q Breakthrough Act.
 'And one of these days I swear we're going to get it right.'

He remembered how, just a couple of nights back, he'd been sitting on a terrace looking out over the ocean in France. 
'And for some reason this Bob Dylan lyric from Idiot Wind came into my head and it was 'when you reach the top you realise that you're really on the bottom.' 

And I thought about it for a moment and I thought, 'That is such a load of bollocks! This is GREAT! I love it!'

'So I just want to say that we don't take this for granted in our band, we really try to make sure that every show is a great show and we are grateful to everyone who has ever bought a ticket or an album. Thank you very much.'

It was an 'amazing tour, ' added Adam. 'An emotional rollercoaster, due to the events in Paris last December and it was great that we were able to perform with the Eagles of Death Metal back on stage before the end of the year.'
Edge was also awarded the Q Gibson Les Paul Award too.

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