Saturday, October 18, 2014

Dave Fanning Declares War On U2 Begrudgers

Bono may have said sorry during the week, but not everyone thinks that there was a need! in fact the 2fm star has some choice advice for the begrudgers... -

Over a month has passed since U2’s Songs of Innocence was made available to over 500 million iTunes customers – and the controversy over the strategy rages on, with Bono apologising earlier this week to those critics of the band, who took umbrage at receiving the gift!

In a characteristically forthright broadside, longtime friend and supporter Dave Fanning has added his voice to the many supporting the band. “In this day-and-age, if you don’t make a big noise when you release something, you’re fucked,” he told Hot Press. "Like, Stephen Spielberg spends 100 million on making a movie and then he spends 500 million promoting the movie. People don’t complain about that!

“At this stage, 38 million people have downloaded the U2 album on their phones, or their computers or whatever – so that whole thing worked a treat,” he added. “It was brilliant!! And as for those who weren’t able to hit 'delete' – I say fuck off! Just fuck off! I’ve never heard such a load of rubbish.

“Should I give out to The Sunday Times because last week they had an eight-page rugby pullout? ‘How dare they put this into my Sunday Times! I’m going to complain!’ I just throw it in the bin! Get over it!”

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