Tuesday, September 23, 2014

“In The End, Radio Is Everything”, Bono

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Bono spoke with Marty Lennartz from Dublin about a host of topics ranging from U2’s latest release Songs Of Innocence, how their relationship with Apple came to be, and more. Before digging into specifics about his music, Bono praised XRT and the partnership the station has with the band exclaiming “it’s a relationship that we treasure and one of the few stations that was with us from the very beginning.”
Bono and Marty discuss the record, sharing stories from the recording process and U2’s goal with this album. Bono says, “I want these tunes to be airborne, light in their feet. To be like Beatles records, you can stray into dark territory but then stray into a pop song.” He tells Marty that the band didn’t want to make music if it wasn’t valid to their earlier days and doesn’t play a role in how they became the band they are today.
Bono acknowledged the negative reaction some people had to the release of the album on iTunes. He praises Apple for their innovation in not only providing fans with music, but protecting the interests of musicians and making sure they are properly reimbursed for their efforts. To the fans that weren’t happy with the release, Bono stated “a lot of blood, sweat, and tears just went in to your junk mail. No one has deleted more U2 songs in the last five years than the members of U2.”
Despite the mixed reaction, Bono is behind the idea of helping shape the future. Paying respect to his punk rock interests, he stated, “If you disrupt you’re always going to upset some people, but isn’t that the job of anyone who joins a punk rock band in the first place?”
Concluding the interview, Bono proclaims “Chicago’s behind our experimentation, and it goes deep with us.”
Listen below to hear the full interview of Bono’s chat with Marty Lennartz.

Bono Chats With Marty Lennartz

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