Monday, September 15, 2014

Chris Martin features on ‘Iris’, from U2′s new album

Chris Martin features on 'Iris', from U2's new album

Chris Martin features on U2′s fifth track from their new album, which caused a shockwave after the iPhone 6 conference on Tuesday when it was added to the library of 500 million iTunes users, for free!

Chris was present at Apple’s conference and applauded Bono and co as the Irish band played live and announced their unique album strategy for ‘Songs of Innocence’.

’Iris (Hold Me Close)’ is the U2 track which features Chris Martin on the backing vocals. The song itself was raising questions from Coldplayers who picked up the similar vibe from the start and ending of ‘Iris’, reminiscent of ‘Ghost Stories’ and more particularly the opening track from it, ‘Always In My Head’.

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