Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Bono declared honorary citizen of Sarajevo

With 31 votes in favor and none against representatives of the Assembly HP decided that Paul David Hewson, better known as Bono, an honorary citizen of Sarajevo.

Besides being a very talented musician and songwriter, this recognition was awarded to Bono because he is a great humanitarian and uses his status as rock stars  to help others.
"During the siege of the Bi- capital, Bill Carter made documentary' Miss Sarajevo', which was produced by Bono and  it was made a song. Bono did not  keep quiet and watch the suffering of the citizens of B-H and he warned the world on developments in the  country  with the language of art.

During the show in Bologna on 17 July 1993, via satellite link  the show connected the image to Sarajevo, where Bill Carter interviewed citizens of Sarajevo who spokeabout  the discomfort  in the country. This move of the Irish band started the British and world media to tackle the issue of  the suffering B-H. citizens in the war.

 From that day  a strong bond between the  frontman of  U2  with the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina was created. He pointed in 1997, when, despite the loss of 500,000 pounds, ranked Sarajevo on the list of  "PopMart" tour and on  23 September they  held a spectacular concert.

Bono stayed in touch with Sarajevo and was a guest of the Sarajevo Film Festival  where he  received an honorary passport B-H.

Bono is well known for his  humanitarian work in African countries. He often meets with world leaders to help third world countries.

He is awarded  a HP plaque that will be presented to the Special Olympics BiH.

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