Monday, April 4, 2016

U2’s Incredible Career & Activism Is Honored With iHeartRadio Innovator Award

U2 received the Innovator Award at the iHeartRadio Music Awards on April 3, celebrating the band’s legendary career and activism. After Pharrell Williams honored a band that ‘reinvented’ music, Bono and The Edge dedicated their award to musicians still fighting for free speech around the world!
What a beautiful day! It’s a prestigious honor given from one innovator to another, as Pharrell Williams, 42, presented U2 –with the third ever Innovator Award at the iHeartRadio Music Awards!

I guess a band still using bass, guitar and drums, after rock and roll was invented, doesn’t sound so innovative,” Bono said after he and The Edge accepted the award at the April 3 awards ceremony. “But, it turns out rock and roll has more to do with spirit than flesh.” The two then celebrated Pharrell, the first ever iHeartRadio Innovator award winner and presented of this year’s award.

“They speak up for the voiceless and they tell the truth,” Pharrell said while introducing the band. “Millions of people are alive today because of what they’ve done…making AIDS medication affordable for all. These are the type of guys who, when they see a problem, they don’t just sing about it, they try to fix it.” Right on, Pharrell! Bono and The Edge even dedicated their award to those fighting for the right to perform freely in oppressive countries today!

“U2 is a band of activists, not only in music but in politics, popular culture and human rights,” John Sykes, president of iHeartMedia’s entertainment enterprises, said in a statement, per Billboard. They began as a punk band and that attitude still runs strong throughout their songwriting, albums and live performances. They will never stop testing the limits, and that’s why we are honored to recognize them with this Innovator Award.”

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