Monday, December 7, 2015

Bono reveals new song about Paris

BONO has been speaking this weekend about the Irish band’s return to Paris after having to cancel gigs in city in the aftermath of the terror attacks.

Appearing with Edge on the CNN show Fareed Zakaria GPS, Bono spoke about the defiance Parisiens have shown and about how important it is to fight this kind of terror with love and joy.

“They’re a death cult. We’re a life cult. Life force,” he said.

The celebrating, all the things we love – food, soccer – they’re trying to, you know, they’re trying to destroy those things. They don’t like women. What else is there?
The singer also took the opportunity to share a song he had written about Paris, entitled 

Streets of Surrender (SOS):

“Every man has two cities he needs to be
The one he can touch
And the one he can’t see
The one where a stranger’s a friend
Every man has got one city of liberty
For me it’s Paris, I love it
Every time I get lost down these ancient streets I find myself again
You’re free, baby, baby
Free now and forever
It’s Christmas time
You can decide to forget or to remember
You’re free, baby, baby
I didn’t come down here to fight ya
I came down these streets of love and pride to surrender
The streets of surrender”

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