Wednesday, May 9, 2018

U2's Guitar Tech Dallas Schoo on the Band's Songwriting Process

Dallas Schoo has been the guitar technician for U2 and The Edge for more than three decades now. Enamored as a young person not with the rock stars themselves but with those in charge of setting up and maintaining their gear, Schoo got his start while at college in Colorado.

Once he started working with bands, he steadily built his reputation as a dedicated and focused technician, and the jobs kept coming. Before meeting U2 in 1982, his resume already included work with Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, Stephen Stills, and Pure Prairie League. Today, Schoo is widely recognized as one of the most talented guitar technicians in the business.

We recently had a chance sit down with Schoo to talk more about working with U2 and The Edge and his favorite parts of their collaboration. Surprisingly, though, his favorite part of working with the band isn't going along on tour—rather, Schoo loves to be a part of the band's creative process in the studio.

 "They don't write at home," Schoo tells us, clarifying that most of U2's entire creative process takes place in the studio. "For me, to be a part of that magic from the foundation up, that's [the best part]."

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