Saturday, September 24, 2016

U2 40th anniversary: 15 things you probably didn't know about Dublin's greatest band

Rock giants U2 are celebrating their 40th anniversary this month.

The Dubliners have enjoyed worldwide success since forming in 1976.

And despite being idolised by so many people on these shores, there is a still a bit of mystery surrounding the lads.

So here are 15 things you probably didn't know about U2.

1. Joshua Tree running order

Friend of the band and singer Kirsty MacColl chose the running order on U2's iconic album The Joshua Tree, the band told her to put Where The Streets Have No Name first and Mothers of the Disappeared last. and the rest in order of her preference.

2. One of a kind

Bono is the only person to be nominated for a Grammy, Oscar, Golden Globe and a Nobel Prize.

3. Sir Bono

Bono was awarded an honorary knighthood by the Queen in 2007, it was for his efforts as a humanitarian.

4. Grammy Awards heavyweights

U2 have won more Grammy Awards than any other band with 22.

5. Bono Vox

Bono got his nickname from his friends while growing up in Dublin, it derived from 'bono vox' which means 'good voice' in Latin and it came from a local shop that sold hearing aids.

He also considered the names Steinvic von Huyseman, Huyseman, Houseman and Bon Murray.

6. Hatless Edge

The Edge has only gone hatless a number of times, whilst performing Miss Sarajevo at the Pavarotti And Friends concert in 1995 and the video for Discotheque in 1997.

7.Those glasses aren't for show

. Bono wears glasses because he has glaucoma, a condition that can can damage the optic nerve and permanently impair vision - the glasses are to protect his eyes.

Larry Mullen posted a note on Mount Temple Comprehensive School's notice board in search of musicians for a new band when he was 14.

Setting up in his kitchen, Mullen was on drums, with Bono on lead vocals, The Edge and his older brother Dik Evans on guitar, with Adam Clayton on bass.

10. Larry Mullen injects bull's blood into his body

Larry Mullen suffers with severe back pain due to an injury he sustained on The Joshua Tree Tour. According to Billy Flanagan's 1995 book U2 at the End of the World, he treated his problem by injecting bull's blood.

The author wrote: "Bono says Larry tried different doctors without success until he went to a German who brought in a holistic healer who started giving Larry shots of bull's blood.

"That did the trick! Larry's Irish doctor refuses to accept it - he looks at X-rays of Larry's crooked spine and says it's impossible, but Larry feels fine. He flies to Germany for shots of bull's blood regularly."

11. Adam Clayton has had the same bracelet on since he was 21

Adam Clayton has never taken off the jade bracelet he wears on his left arm, the bracelet is woman's size and he forced it on when he was 21. He hasn't been able to take it off since.

12. Fourth band to grace Time Magazine cover

Following The Beatles, The Band and The Who, U2 were the fourth band ever to be on the cover of Time Magazine. They also made the cover for a second time in 2014.

13. The Dalton Brothers

Three times on The Joshua Tree tour, The Dalton Brothers opened for U2. It was actually U2 dressed as hillbillies doing country standards.

14. High praise indeed

U2 were inducted into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2005, their first year of eligibility. Bruce Springsteen also inducted them.

15. The Boy

The child on the cover of Boy is Peter Rowan, a nephew of a friend of the band. He was also used for the cover of U2's third album War.

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