Sunday, May 1, 2016

"Papa Making History" Hollie Evans

"My Papa making history in one of the most beautiful places on earth"- Photo taken by Hollie Evans, Edge's daughter.

 U2's lead guitarist The Edge became the first rock star to play in the Sistine Chapel on Saturday, performing an unplugged set with the backing of a young Irish choir.

The musician, was invited to play in the 15th century chapel for the participants of a conference on regenerative medicine, which took place inside the Vatican.

"When I was asked to perform in the Sistine Chapel I didn't know what to say, because usually there's 'this other guy' who sings," The Edge told the audience, referring to U2's lead singer Bono. "So it took me at least, well, 30 seconds to agree to it."

At a conference on regenerative medicine at the Vatican to find cures for cancer, The Edge, from U2, performed a song in the Sistine Chapel. This video was captured by an attendee on a cell phone.

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