Friday, August 14, 2015

Tony Hawk recruits U2 to customize skateboard

Professional skateboarder  Tony Hawk has partnered up with Ben Harper to create Boards + Bands, a fundraising initiative for Hawk’s eponymous foundation. Hawk hit up some of his skater buds, including Ryan Sheckler, Chad Ortiz and Nyjah Huston, to donate one of their boards and then pick one of their favorite songs. Harper then approached those musicians with one simple instruction: “Please write the lyrics to this skater’s favorite song on his skateboard, and we’ll use it to create more skateparks for kids.” Among the musicians participating in the collaboration are , U2, Pearl Jam, Of Mice & Men, Jay Z, Metallica,Tenacious D and more.

“We are thrilled about this year’s amazing collection of boards featuring unique collaborations between some of the biggest names in skateboarding and music, and we are grateful to all that made it possible,” says Hawk in a statement. “We have high hopes for this year’s auction as we continue to further the Foundation’s mission of bringing skateparks to low-income communities around the world.”

You can see all the custom boards as well as place a bid here

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