Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rumours, rumours, rumours: are U2 filming a new video?

The rumours started some days ago when the Samuel Becket Bridge in Dublin was closed for (apparently) the filming of a new U2 vid.
As usual, tweets galore started to appear with "evidence":

And the subsequent pics which leave  everything to the imagination of anxious fans.

Dublin video shoot (possibly U2)

Dublin video shoot (possibly U2)

Dublin video shoot (possibly U2)

The pictures don't say much but something was going on in that bridge!!!

“Samuel Beckett Bridge closed because #U2 are filming a video, according to security. They’ve obviously found their single”. @conor_pope

It seems that @conor_pope  knows better!!! 

But that's not enough for die-hard fans and soon the name of the (in)famous song came to our ears : "Summer Nights"
Luckily this time there was confirmation from Contact Music:

Dublin's Samuel Beckett Bridge has been closed off due to the reported filming of a U2 music video for their new single 'Summer Nights'. Security guards were seen wandering around the nearby quays to stop people taking pictures of the set. Director Mark Romanek - whose name appears on the project's clapper board - was also behind the music video for the band's latest single 'Invisible'. - Dublin Ireland - Sunday 24th August 2014 

 With pictures:

Samuel Beckett Bridge closed as U2 record new single

And the saga goes on, this time we travel to Lough Sheelin where ,apparently, U2 have not been fishing but filming (once again) the so much awaited upcoming new vid. This time, our news source comes from the local newspaper Anglo-Celt:

Was U2 video behind Lough Sheelin fireworks?

The strict secrecy surrounding filming over Lough Sheelin, which culminated in a fireworks display lighting up the night sky on Monday, August 25, has sparked rumours that the event was commissioned for U2’s latest music video. Rock legends Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen are currently working towards the release of their thirteenth studio album following a five-year hiatus. The band has, in recent days, been suspected of filming in Dublin, only for claims to be made that the closed set on Samuel Beckett Bridge at the weekend was for “an up and coming band” named ‘Summer Nights’. The phrase ‘summer nights’ is contained in the lyrics for ‘With or Without You’. The Cavan shoot took place over several hours at Kilnahard pier, on the northwestern shore of the lough. Cavan County Council have confirmed to The Anglo-Celt they were aware filming was taken place on the lake, that a two-day filming permit was attained, and that gardaĆ­ and the emergency services were also placed on notice. The Celt understands that filmmakers were forced to seek an alternative location for filming beyond the confines of the capital given the magnitude of the pyrotechnic explosion to be shot. -

And there's a video!!!! (of the fireworks)

Local man John Brooks, who lives on the banks of Lough Sheelin spent hours wading through soft swamp to catch a glimpse of what was taking place out on the lake. He adds that earlier in the day, after rumour first broke that U2 might be filming at the location, he saw a blacked out luxury bus type vehicle travel in convoy with other “expensive looking” cars. He described the fireworks show going on about for three-and-a-half hours, “in blasts of five a time or what have you. “The actual road down to the pier was closed off, so I spent hours standing in freezing cold water and in the reeds to get a good look at what was happening. “At one stage they had something like a laser show which took place, and big spot lamps which they were beaming right up into the sky. Whatever they were at, whatever it was for, it definitely was a big deal. "Apart from the rigs they had for letting off the fireworks they had two or three boats patrolling making sure no one could get near from the water”, he said.

Yet ,we mortal fans are still to wait...something that being fans of U2 we are used to doing.

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