Saturday, February 15, 2014

Bono with Piers Morgan

After the Oscar Nominations Luncheon , Bono was interviewed by Piers Morgan for his programme "Piers Morgan Live" at CNN.

Should U2 win the Best Original Song Oscar for “Ordinary Love", the "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom" anthem, it’ll be the man around whom the biopic is centered that the frontman will be most thankful for.

In a Friday evening interview with Piers Morgan, U2 frontman Bono says the song helps depict an often unseen, overshadowed perspective that many close to the South African leader knew—his romantic side:

“I've been working for him since I was a teenager; so have the members of U2,” said Bono. “He's kind of taught the world some serious lessons, but taught us some personal lessons.”

Leadership, “the most precious thing we have and the rarest,” was one such lesson Bono says Mandela preached:

“You look in the Arab Spring and you look in - in Syria now and you just think, ‘Oh, my God. Where - who's going to lead these people out of this mess and where will that grace come from?’”

U2's forthcoming Oscar's performance will mark the band's first live performance of the song since its recording.

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