Friday, September 27, 2013

Bono at the Late Show with David Letterman

Bono stopped by “The Late Show with David Letterman” last night to talk about ONE, (RED) and more.He had some great news to share about AIDS treatment in Africa and America’s role in the progress. He also talked about music, his activism inspiration, and ONE and (RED)’s role in putting pressure on politicians to do the right thing. Our favorite part of the interview? When Bono told the world to watch out for ONE members!

“The ONE Campaign is …a life-long commitment to fighting extreme poverty, fighting injustice, to fighting inequality … The NRA for the world’s poor, that’s what we want to be. The NRA are not my thing, not my cup of tea at all, but they  are very very organized, very effective. We have 4 million members, just under 4 million members of people around the world. So if you’re a politician and you step on the necks of the world’s poor, you’re dismissive of their plight — we’re going to hurt you.”

He didn't talk much about the so-much-awaited new album  but he explained they were waiting for God to be in the room (as Quincy Jones had once told him) to finish the album. As usual, he said that U2 fans are expecting a "great" album so they don't mind waiting...

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