Friday, August 2, 2013

Bono and Ali at Nile Rodger's concert at Vence

Bono y Nile Rodgers

Bono at  Nile Rodgers  and his band  Chic's concert at  Festival “Nuits du Sud” in  Vence.

In an article published by "Nile Rodgers strikes it lucky again" he said:

"This is a window into how I've always worked, but now people can see it. I meet somebody, we get along, we work together. The other day I was doing a show in Dublin and The Edge came, he's been writing me really supportive letters every day. Then I got an email from Bono. They're in the middle of a U2 record, but you forge these friendships that turn to musical events."

Rodgers is quick to point out the U2 connection is not musical - yet. "No that new record is Danger Mouse's (production) from what I know. We've only just met."

More pics here.
pics: Nile Rodgers`Facebook account

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