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See with New Eyes: Bono in Ethiopia,1985

"The girl with a beard", Bono, Ethiopia ,1985

Steve Reynolds,Marketing Director focusing on Child Health and Protection issues for World Vision remembers Bono and his visit to Ethiopia in 1985.

"...In 1985 I was working as communications officer for the World Vision Ethiopia relief in Addis Ababa...We received word that the lead singer of an Irish rock band called U2 was coming to  Ethiopia "on the quiet"...What was different about this visit was that Bono and his wife, Ali, wanted to work at one of our relief  camps...I knew what the conditions were like in these camps ...I remember thinking Well, they are certainly in for a shock. ..I was certain they wouldn´t last a week. But they did.In fact, they spent almost a month in Adjibar working with our staff, helping develop music and drama programmes for the children at the centre...
The staff praised Bono´s  energy ,spirit and creativity ...Upon the couple return to Addis Ababa,I had the privilige of touring with Bono  around Ethiopia to various camps...Something in him had changed...

Today Bono meets with presidents, prime ministers , and even the Pope, advocating for the poor and marginalized ."It´s not about charity, it´s about justice," he says.His vision is still strong more than 25 years later.
When God does eye surgery, you never see things the same way again.I saw this happen with Bono, and I smile  when I think about how this sharpened  vision is changing the world."
Bono and Steve

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Complete version of the article: World Vision Magazine, Spring 2012 issue.

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